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Powder River's Stand By Me

(DC Powder River's Nobody But Me x FC Pursuit's Flashy Chick)
DOB: 4/30/2015
owned by Cheryl Krajcar & Katherine Thomas

sire: DC Powder River's
Nobody But Me

OFA Good
Buck's Dream Catcher FC Hi Proof Bacardi NFC/FC/AFC Hi Proof Rum Runner HOF
Rimini's Blaze'n Chick
Field of Dreams FC Noble Rocket
Lady Genovieve of Cypress
Amber Dreams FC Ricoche-T FC Shady's Lil' Clipper
Spotlight II
Sweet Dreams DC Chick's Blaze'n Sawtooth Sam JH
Field of Dreams
sire: FC Pursuit's
Flashy Chick

OFA Excellent
Just Call Me Roy HOF
NAFC/FC/AFC Piney Run Sam DC Chick's Blaze'n Sawtooth Sam JH
Spotlight II
FC Mark's Pride of Savannah NFC/FC/AFC Aux-Arc's Mark HOF
Pride And Joy's Accuray
DC BBB's Flashy Rose DC Chick's Blaze'n Sawtooth Sam JH NFC/FC Beans Blaze HOF
DC Scipio's Little Chick HOF
GCH BBB's Flashlight FC/AFC Chubasco II
Spotlight II

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