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MBISS GCh. Gourley's
DFL 99 Carat Diamond

DOB: 9/3/2006 | OFA: BS-14401G26M-VPI
owner: George Stern

sire: CH Millette's
Fire When Ready
CH Millette's Mr. Wonderful CH Millette's Ryder In The Sky CH Millette's Redd Ryder
Natasha Cheri's Choice
Millette's Luscious Lucy CH Millette's the Gambler
Millette's Russet Hill Design
CH Millette Jordean All Fired Up BIS CH Sterling Oaks-Sir Bentley CH Chilcote Bent Oak Creditor
CH Paragon's Fantasia
BIS CH Jordean All Dressed Up BIS CH Jordean All Riled Up
CH Jordean Millette Just Kiddin'
dam: CH Gourley's
Maximum Bet JH
CH Castle One In A Millennium JH CH Millette's Joe Cool CH Millette Plain Brown Wrapper
CH Susie's Sizzlen Sarha
CH Castle Millette Lady In Redd JH CH Millette's Born On Fourth Of July
Millette's Denim 'N Lace
CH Peachcreek Burning Desire SH CH Peachcreek Right To Fire BIS/NBB CH Jordean I Kid You Not
Peachcreek Triwyn Sally B Good
CH Peachcreek Runaround Sue BIS/NBB CH Jordean All Kiddin' Aside JH HOF
CH TEK's Abby Almond Bark

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