All Breed Shows $85.00
Specialties $95.00


Dogs actively being campaigned $10/day

Retainer deposit of $500 per dog.

Dogs in for conditioning, coat maintenance with monthly photo updates $15/day

Puppies (8 weeks and over) in for show preparation, training and conditioning (includes setting
ears, weekly measurement, coat care, socialization, ring training and weekly progress photos) $18.00/day

If your puppy or young dog is contracted (minimum 6 shows) to then be shown by us, a reduced rate of $15/day is offered.

Unentered dogs traveling to shows for show exposure, includes show routine, table time, leash work etc.
$15 additional/day plus prorated expenses.

Supplements provided and charged at $2/day for show string.
Girls (b strong, complete, omega 3, derma 3, in between for her)
Boys (b strong, complete, omega 3, derma 3, selenium, vit E)


Mileage: $0.25/mile (For travel time)

Expenses (Hotels, Fuel, Tolls, Parking, Help etc.….) Prorated and divided equally

Ringside Pick Up

All Breed Day of Show pick up $100.00
Specialty Day of Show pick up $115.00


National Specialty $300.00
Week of National Specialty pick up $400.00
Grooming Only at National Specialty $300.00


All Breed Best In Show $500.00
Reserve All Breed Best In Show $250.00

Group 1 $100
Group 2 $90
Group 3 $80
Group 4 $70

Specialty Best In Show $100/ National Best In Show $500
National Best Of Opposite Sex $250
National Select/Award of Merit $100
National WD, RWD, WB, RWB $100
National Futurity $150

All dogs 6 months and older must have a negative brucellosis test in the previous two months.